Gossamer x Caleta Stoner Sunday Sundaes

On Sunday, October 22nd, we’re teaming up with Caleta—also known as the wizards behind Bad Habit, the best ice cream in New York—for a special, one day-only, Gossamer-inspired flavor: Coffee, Pretzel, and Honeycomb.

From noon to midnight, we'll be serving up scoops, sundaes, and pints, the purchase of which comes with a free two-pack of our Gossamer x 1906 Go Beans—and maybe some other goodies, too! Each chocolate-covered espresso bean is infused with 5 mg of THC, as well as a blend of caffeine and plant extracts for the perfect Sunday funday buzz. If you like your treats extra dolled up, the Stoner Sundae features two scoops of Coffee, Pretzel, and Honeycomb ice cream topped with chocolate syrup, whip cream, and one bean. See you there! -VvP


“My Delirious Trip to the Heart of Swiftiedom”

Three words: Taffy on Taylor. If you’re not already familiar with writer Taffy Brodesser-Akner’s oeuvre (Fleischman Is In Trouble; her NYT Magazine profiles of Gwyneth, Val Kilmer, and Bradley Cooper, among others), you are in for a hell of a ride in the form of 8300 words on Taylor Swift. I can’t think of a better thing to read (other than this newsletter, of course) while drinking your Saturday morning coffee. -VvP



I’m happy to report that one of the founders of Offhours (our Dogwalker Homecoat collaborators) recently opened a bookstore in Livingston Manor, NY. Specializing in art and design (and pens), Corners is an absolutely beautiful space worth stopping in (though make sure you do so on Saturday or Sunday, their only days of operation). Also, if you own a bookstore or are planning to open one, please let me know, as I will 100% plug it in High Praise. -DW


Lift by Weekenders

Though they’ve been on the market in California for years, it’s nice to see Brooklyn-based Weekenders launch closer to home. I recently got my hands on an assortment of their prerolls, and while I can talk about all of them, their Lift line really got my attention. Featuring AK-47, these single session-sized joints have been great for focus and plowing through some work on, funnily enough, weekends. I recommend picking some up at a legal dispensary near you. -DW


For the Culture: Phenomenal Black Women and Femmes in Food

Your favorite pastry chef’s favorite pastry chef—and veteran food writer—Klancy Miller has just released her latest book. For the Culture is a celebration of the work of Black women and femmes in the food world, told through 66 interviews with rising stars such as Kia Damon, as well as industry veterans like Mashama Bailey. (Sophia Roe, who we spoke to for Volume Six, also makes an appearance!) It also features a collection of 47 recipes alongside essays in tribute to culinary trailblazers like Edna Lewis, a southern cooking legend. The anthology is a refreshing addition to any kitchen, and the perfect opportunity to get your holiday shopping out of the way for everyone on your list marked “cookbook.” -PR


Bobby Anspach Memorial Exhibition Extended

I finally got to see Bobby Anspach’s work in person this week and to say that photos of it don’t do it justice would be a severe understatement. His art has to be seen—experienced, really—to be believed. It’s not only hard to describe both the machines and the feelings they elicit, but trying to do so almost feels like a transgression of some sort. You really just have to go yourself, preferably with a friend as there is one piece that requires two people. Luckily, the organizers behind the exhibition have extended the show til at least mid-November (and possibly beyond) due to an overwhelming amount of interest, so now you’ve got the time to get there. Open by appointment only on Saturdays and Sundays. -DW


Corn Flan

Did you know corn flan exists? I didn’t, until I came across the stunner of a picture above on Natasha Pickowicz’s Instagram story. However, as a childhood fan of the sweet corn tamale at Chili’s (even better enjoyed when pretending it’s your birthday—a road trip tradition in my family), “corn flan” as a concept has now embedded itself in my psyche. I’m hoping to stop by Ursula in Brooklyn to try it myself this weekend. -PR