For people who also smoke weed.


Death By Design

Murder, She Wrote has had a bit of a resurgence on Instagram in recent years. It seems the world has fallen back in love with Jessica Fletcher, New England’s most famous writer-detective (and possible serial killer), and her unique sense of style. But @interiorsofmudershewrote makes the case that it’s not just Fletcher’s look that’s worth remembering, but the garish and neon crime scenes, too.



Can you tell which of these chimps are related? Humans are quite good at recognizing “biological relatives through facial features,” but does that ability apply to our ultra-extended ones? Researchers need your help in figuring out how this trait evolved in humans and all you need to do is look at some cute chimp pictures. A real win-win.


Morning Tunes

Here’s a thing you should do tomorrow: upon waking—without rising, turning on the lights, or checking Instagram—start your day with Just For Us, the new Francis and the Lights album that dropped as a post-holiday, pre-2018 surprise last week. The first track is called “Morning,” and it definitely makes for a good one. (Optional: sleeping in; getting yourself just the tiniest bit high.)