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Gossamer Volume One

High Praise


Put Through The Hoop

Statistically, Steve Francis shouldn’t be Steve Francis. His father was sentenced to 20 years in prison for robbery. His mother passed away while he was still a kid. Instead of finishing high school, he was on the street selling drugs, both a victim of and a cog in the crack epidemic. Most stories like this end here, in tragedy. But not this one. Filled with laughter and sadness, Francis’ tale of how he made it out and into the NBA is one of the most compelling reads you’ll find.


Stairway To The Good Place

It may not be hard to make a pipe beautiful (just look at Tetra, or Summerland, or The Pursuits of Happiness), but it’s rare for piece to feel so completely new. The clean, geometric lines of Laundry Day’s Tanjune are as satisfying to look at as they are to hold, and would fit in nicely just about anywhere.


Don't Be Over The Moon

One could be forgiven for not giving the moon its due more regularly. After all, it’s always just … there. But like most things these days, perhaps we should be looking down at our screens less, and up at our skies more? With nothing more than a telescope and some charm, one man invited strangers to do just that.

For people who also smoke weed.