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Can you tell which of these chimps are related? Humans are quite good at recognizing “biological relatives through facial features,” but does that ability apply to our ultra-extended ones? Researchers need your help in figuring out how this trait evolved in humans and all you need to do is look at some cute chimp pictures. A real win-win.


Low Hanging Fruit

For as large as they loom in popular culture and American history, the origins of the Sicilian mafia are surprisingly mysterious. A new study in the Journal of Economic History (yet another lifestyle publication) proposes that the mafia came to fruition as a response to the rise in demand for oranges and lemons once it was discovered citrus fruit cures scurvy. They’ve been putting the squeeze on people ever since.


All About Katja

If you follow Katja Blichfeld on Instagram, you know she’s long overdue for a feature profile. So it makes sense that with the second season premiere of High Maintenance just around the corner, she’s the subject of two this week: an as-told-to essay in Vogue and a cover story for The Cut. Both are worth your time, but Emily Gould’s sharp and nuanced portrait of a woman in the midst of a compelling transformation is really spectacular.