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Gossamer Volume One

High Praise


Stairway To The Good Place

It may not be hard to make a pipe beautiful (just look at Tetra, or Summerland, or The Pursuits of Happiness), but it’s rare for piece to feel so completely new. The clean, geometric lines of Laundry Day’s Tanjune are as satisfying to look at as they are to hold, and would fit in nicely just about anywhere.


Outside Story

During his presidency, Barack Obama granted clemency to 1,715 inmates, most of whom were serving inhumanely long sentences for non-violent drug offenses. What happened next? Well, thanks to Nation of Second Chances, those stories are now being told, one life at a time.


Blast From The Past

It’s a question we’ve asked ourselves for years, at the tail-end of dinner parties that stretch late into the night and on lazy Sunday afternoons when The Mummy inevitably appears on some channel: Whatever happened to Brendan Fraser? The answer is much more complicated than anyone would’ve guessed.

For people who also smoke weed.