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High Praise


Quit Jerking Around

Biltong: South Africa's better, air-dried version of beef jerky. We love it. In fact, we just re-ordered four different types of it. Honestly, that’s it. If you’re a biltong maker, please feel free to send us more biltong. Thank you.


Blast From The Past

It’s a question we’ve asked ourselves for years, at the tail-end of dinner parties that stretch late into the night and on lazy Sunday afternoons when The Mummy inevitably appears on some channel: Whatever happened to Brendan Fraser? The answer is much more complicated than anyone would’ve guessed.


Safe Word

We’re hesitant to promote the bizarrely funny and surprisingly philosophical tweets of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, for fear that if someone in the Trump Administration finds out that there’s actually something good being done by the government, they’ll quickly move to shut it down. That said, if you like dinosaurs, sentient popcorn, pigeons and horses running through water, @USCPSC is for you.

For people who also smoke weed.