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Death By Design

Murder, She Wrote has had a bit of a resurgence on Instagram in recent years. It seems the world has fallen back in love with Jessica Fletcher, New England’s most famous writer-detective (and possible serial killer), and her unique sense of style. But @interiorsofmudershewrote makes the case that it’s not just Fletcher’s look that’s worth remembering, but the garish and neon crime scenes, too.


Low Hanging Fruit

For as large as they loom in popular culture and American history, the origins of the Sicilian mafia are surprisingly mysterious. A new study in the Journal of Economic History (yet another lifestyle publication) proposes that the mafia came to fruition as a response to the rise in demand for oranges and lemons once it was discovered citrus fruit cures scurvy. They’ve been putting the squeeze on people ever since.


La Vie En Rose

According to a 1982 New York Times article, when violent children housed at the San Bernardino County Probation Department in California were put in an 8-foot by 4-foot “bubble gum pink” cell, they relaxed, stopped “yelling and banging,” and often fell asleep within 10 minutes. That’s probably the most disturbing fact we could find in our attempt to justify how much we love these magenta color therapy glasses from Sweetflag.