Mindfulness, Psychedelics, and the Creative Output

Join us on Thursday, October 12th for a panel conversation on Mindfulness, Psychedelics, and the Creative Output at the memorial exhibition of artist Bobby Anspach’s work in his former Gowanus studio. Anspach, who passed away last summer, centered his practice on the creation of immersive machines designed to offer viewers the experience of interconnected consciousness and transcendence. Following our panel discussion with Gossamer contributors, guests will be able to explore five of Anspach’s devices on display as part of the show. RSVP is required as space is limited, but if you can’t make it on the 12th, Place For Continuous Eye Contact is open to the public by appointment on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays now through October 15. -VvP


Lighters by Amy Sedaris

Did you know Amy Sedaris designs lighters? I had no idea, but it tracks, and like everything she does, they’re super cute and hard to find. I found them buried in the coverage of her stint as a guest budtender at Union Square Travel Agency. If you’ve always wanted to carry one of her beloved Strangers with Candy characters around in your pocket, stop by and see if you get lucky with a restock at Fishs Eddy (or keep your eyes peeled on her Instagram for new drops). -PR


Tapping in Together: A Pilot Study on Group Acupuncture for Ketamine Experience Integration

If you’ve been considering trying ketamine therapy or acupuncture or, better yet, both, this one's for you. My favorite acupuncturist, Margie Navarro, M.S., L.Ac, has teamed up with Cardea on an IRB-approved research project that combines a group ketamine experience with individualized acupuncture. Held in downtown New York, each session will start with guided dosing and live vibrational sound and will be followed by acupuncture pinpointed to the needs of individual participants. I’m personally hoping to take part in one of the three sessions (October 16th, 29th and December 1st), so maybe I’ll see you there. -DW


Through Line

Visiting the de Young as a kid, Ruth Asawa’s permanent installation always stuck out to me—the billowy shapes of her fifteen metal sculptures seemed to defy their form, and cast magical, intricately woven shadows on the surrounding concrete walls. They’re also housed in the one spot of the museum that’s always accessible to the public (no tickets required), in line with her conviction that art should be accessible to all. So I was excited to see that a survey of her work has just gone on display in a new exhibition at the Whitney. On now through mid-January, Through Line traces Asawa’s drawing practice as, yes, a through line of her many explorations across mediums and materials, and features over one hundred pieces, some of which have never been shown before. -PR


“Purple Haze”

I’m only halfway through, but writer Sean Williams’ deep dive into the history of Nepal’s war on drugs and the possibilities legal cannabis presents for the country’s future is already a worthwhile read. Just make sure you carve out an hour or two of your weekend to be able to get through it. -VvP


Michael McGrath at Headstone Gallery

It’s the last weekend of Michael McGrath’s show, Some Small Threats, at the Headstone Gallery in Kingston, NY. So if you’re upstate and your apple picking plans got rained out or you just want to see a cool show featuring the creatures above, go check it out. -DW


You Talkin' to Me?: The Definitive Guide to Iconic Movie Quotes

Growing up, one of my favorite genres was “bathroom books.” From Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader to The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook, these volumes were basically like having the internet in the bathroom before there really was an internet. However, with the advent of the iPhone, the internet actually did come to the bathroom, and the need for these types of books went plop (which was a shame). So when I say that Brian Abrams’ new deep dive into famous movie quotes sounds like the ultimate bathroom read, please know I mean the utmost respect. I love a good behind-the-scenes movie tale, and this book, which just came out on Tuesday, looks to be chock full of them. Definitely some good shit. -DW