If you’re reading this, it’s because you've already contributed to Gossamer, expressed an interest in doing so, or because you clicked on a random link someone sent you. Regardless of the reason, hello!

We’re doing things a little differently this time in that we’ve decided to look for submissions for the next two volumes simultaneously. This means you’re welcome to pitch us on Volume Seven (Fall 2021), Volume Eight (Spring 2022), or both. Just please let us know which issue each pitch is for so we can consider it accordingly.

Gossamer is a magazine for people who also smoke weed. This means that the best types of pieces are those that appeal to a sober reader, but really appeal to one who might also be a little high. Per usual, we're looking for a mix of contributions (long, short, reported, personal, playful, serious, photographic, illustrative, visual), none of which have to be literal, but all of which should somehow tie back to the theme of each issue.

Unlike previous calls for pitches, we won’t be saying anything more than that as we want to leave any interpretation of the themes entirely up to you. That said, a good thing to keep in mind is that no idea is ever too far-fetched for us, but some ideas are definitely too on the nose. So feel free to think very broadly, but just give us some kind of reasoning as to why the piece works, if it's not abundantly clear in the pitch itself.

All relevant details below. Please don't hesitate to email us if you have any questions or just want to bounce some ideas off of us.

The theme for Volume Seven is Touch.

The theme for Volume Eight is Space.

We're continuing both our "How To" and "High Minded" series in Volume Six. How Tos can be as short as ~100 words or as long as 500. While they should be about a very specific thing, their format can be as literal or as fluid as you like. We’ve run everything from How To Fold Socks to How To Solve A Murder Like Jessica Fletcher to How To Make A Grilled Cheese to How To Interpret Your Dreams. (Examples here.)

High Minded pieces (examples here), on the other hand, are a little more abstract and are meant to be in the vein of the epiphanies we often have while high (or, for those who don't smoke, in the shower). Again, it’s more about quality (and hopefully a little humor and/or information) than the subject itself.

Pitches should be emailed to hi@gossamer.co and all pitches for both issues must be received by Friday, May 7.


For Volume Seven: Touch

Written assignments will be made by Friday, May 14. Individual deadlines will vary (although the earlier, the better) but we will need all final (edited + fact-checked) copy in by Friday, June 25.

For Volume Eight: Space

We will share more information on assignment timelines and deadlines for Volume Eight once pitches have been received.


We pay a $200 flat rate for How Tos (which max out at 500 words) and $300 for High Mindeds. All other rates will be determined according to the length and complexity of the piece assigned.