Gossamer x Caleta Stoner Sundaes

I know it’s been raining in New York since yesterday—and consistently every weekend for almost two months—but tomorrow is looking sunny and crisp. What better way to get out and enjoy fall than by hanging with us at Caleta in the East Village. From noon to midnight, we’ll be serving up scoops, sundaes, and pints of our custom Coffee, Pretzel, and Honeycomb ice cream. Inspired by our Gossamer x 1906 THC-infused Go Beans and available for one day only (that’s tomorrow, Sunday, October 22nd), each order of this limited flavor comes with a free two-pack of the Go beans, and maybe some other goodies, too. If you haven’t been yet, Caleta also has a fantastic wine list. I can’t wait to share a bottle, beans, and ice cream outside with friends—and that includes you. -VvP



I had the pleasure of meeting Keta Burke-Williams, founder of Ourside, a new line of Bronx-made fragrances, at a dinner earlier this week where she was kind enough to give me a small Discovery Kit of their scents. Each of the three unisex perfumes are made in small batches with special care for earth and vegan-friendly ingredients. It probably won’t surprise you that I am particularly taken with Dusk, but I promise that my affinity has nothing to do with its very, very good name. -VvP


Springbone Kitchen

I’m super sick with a cold this week, so I’m going to keep my recommendations pretty brief. First up is the bone broth from Springbone Kitchen. Pretty sure it’s keeping me alive right now, which is truly high praise. Over the last few days, I’ve chugged a 96 oz box of the immunity broth (I add in some of their excellent hot sauce and an inch or two of fresh ginger for good measure). If you’re not in New York, they luckily ship frozen bottles of the stuff nationwide (seriously, get the hot sauce). Makes a great quick breakfast or snack, too. -DW


Lamps by Rachel Corry

Artist, shoemaker, and early Gossamer interview subject Rachel Corry is now making these awesome lights. Unfortunately, the more abstract ones are already sold, so I guess I’ll just have to wait for the next batch, should there be one. -DW


Fierce Attachments by Vivian Gornick

I’ve seen so many recommendations for Vivian Gornick’s memoir Fierce Attachments over the years that I couldn’t tell you which one finally inspired me to pick it up, but I’m so happy I did. The non-linear narrative follows the author and her mother as they walk the streets of late ‘80s Manhattan while talking about their shared—if sometimes conflicting—memories of the Bronx tenement building in which Vivian grew up. Gornick’s writing is sharp and spare, and cuts straight to the heart of the confounding intensity that is a mother-daughter relationship. -VvP


Some music

Another thing I’ve been doing while lying in bed for 24 hours straight is listening to some choice music. Here’s a small sample: “Nyt on sinun aikasi” by Joose Keskitalo, “Love Is Blue” by Jackie Mittoo and Soul Vendors, “Fine Street Woman” by Kathy Heideman, “You’re a Song (That I Can’t Sing)” by The Four Seasons, and Eola’s version of “B and O Blues.” Always happy to share more music recs should anyone want. -DW


Tokuyamatcha & Onigirazu Bar

I thought I’d continue my NYC onigiri recommendations (if you haven’t visited Ashbox in Greenpoint, what are you waiting for??), this time hopping over to an onigirazu spot in the East Village. While onigiri is a molded ball or triangle of rice stuffed with yummy fillings, onigirazu is like its less traditional little sister—defying form to include a range of fillings from avocado to tofu katsu all within a rice sandwich. Tucked away on East 6th Street, Tokuyamatcha & Onigirazu Bar is a hole-in-the-wall restaurant counter, and the perfect place to grab a snack before heading over to people watch in Tompkins from a sun-soaked bench (followed up by a Go Bean sundae at Caleta if you know what's good for ya). I’d recommend the Karaage sandwich with garlic chili oil, but you truly can’t go wrong. -PR