Heads Together: Weed and the Underground Press Syndicate 1965–1973

It’s honestly rare these days for me to get particularly excited about a book about weed. It all just feels so … done. But I actually can’t wait to get my hands on this compendium of the cannabis-inspired spot illustrations that filled the pages and blank spaces of hundreds of editions of the Underground Press Syndicate from the late ‘60s through the early ‘70s. It feels like just the right mix of stoner art inspo, visual archive, and socio-political context. The fact that it also has oral histories by the likes of Ishmael Reed is just icing on the cake. -VvP


The Deligram Drops

Our friends over at the hippest culinary newsletter, The Deligram, have launched a new endeavor: The Deligram Drops, a series of limited-edition collaborations between their favorite makers. The first of these collabs hits this weekend with L’Appartement 4F and our own most recent partner, Bad Habit/Caleta (also a quick thank you to everyone who came out last Sunday). You can find all the details here, but I just want to highlight the fact that it involves L’Appartement 4F’s viral mini croissants, which I’ve yet to have the pleasure of trying. Stay tuned to The Deligram for more collabs with the likes of Ninety Nine Cakes, Current Cassis, Russ & Daughters, Sol Cacao, and others. -DW


Dream Oasis Deep Hydration Serum

While I’ve largely moved away from a complicated skincare routine and prefer my two-step system, I recently had the chance to try Summer Fridays’ Dream Oasis Deep Hydration Serum. I’m fairly cynical about new Hyaluronic Acid products (all touting the same benefits) and usually wouldn’t splurge on a serum without vetting it, but this jelly serum, made with Squalane, Collodial Oatmeal, Arnica, and Tiger Grass, has left my skin perfectly hydrated and silky smooth every night I’ve used it. Going into winter, it’s now a steadfast part of my routine to survive the cold without a humidifier. -PR


Drug Test Manufacturer Drops Cannabis

This is less of a rec and more of a nice news highlight, but Psychemedics, one of the companies that makes the drug tests your annoying employer might give you, is dropping cannabis from their panel and adding fentanyl, as it should. -DW


This Thread

In my opinion, the best type of trolls are the ones that serve as both a point of frustration for some, and bait for earnest agreement from others. This thread of someone running Andrew Wyeth’s famous Christina’s World through an AI image generator and trying to “improve” it achieves both quite well, while also humorously making a real philosophical point about art and the limitations of technology. -DW


“Stop, Before You Close This Tab (or Any Others). . .”

Never feel bad about your tabs again. -VvP


Five Radio Stations

Five Radio Stations is a digital group art show of five works that “are also radio stations.” I’ve listened to a few for a bit and so far my favorite is Benedikt H. Hermannsson’s 24 Hours at the End of the World, which features audio from a full day of his life in Iceland. While the content of each station is looped, it streams live, meaning you are hearing the same thing as anyone else no matter where in the world they are. And though you can visit one of the in-person listening locations(including the Icelandic embassy in Paris), it probably makes more sense to just use the website. -DW


Dog Day Halloween

In case you also missed the Tompkins Square Dog Parade (nothing worse than realizing an event is that day right when it ends) or if you’re just generally behind on your costume planning, you’ll get another shot to participate in canine Halloween celebrations today in the West Village. The Washington Square Park Dog Run will be hosting its Dog Day Halloween costume contest beginning at 12 PM. Registration may have already booked up, but it’s still worth stopping by to take in all the pups! -PR