15% Off Sitewide

We don’t do this often—once a year, to be exact—but everything on the site (except sets and subscriptions) is currently 15% off, no code needed. Just add what you want to your cart, go to check out, and voilà: you’re saving money. We also just launched our new “24-Hour Set”—Dusk, Dawn, and Happy Hour in one nicely packaged bundle—with limited edition holiday pricing: $135 for all three. Some other good combos? Give the gift of endless summer with our Strange Paradise slides and Happy Hour pre-rolls, a bottle of Dusk and a copy of Night for your favorite insomniac, or redecorate with a new rug and a set of Volumes One through Seven. -G


Olive Oil Potato Chips by Bonilla a la Vista

These might be a contender for the lightest, crispiest, and most delicious simple salted chip of all time, but what really puts them over the edge—and vaguely justifies the almost $50 price point (not including shipping)—is the extremely chic and reusable tin they come in. I used these a few weeks ago to make a chip and mortadella salad (inspired by the iberico and chips appetizer at Ernestos) and it was a hit. -VvP


Offhours for Outdoors

Day one readers know that we’re longtime fans of cult “inactive wear” brand Offhours—We’ve pretty much lived in our Dogwalker homecoats since our first collab. (What can we say? They’re the ideal loungewear for what Verena eloquently deemed the “couch bed.”) I was beyond excited when I learned they were finally expanding into the great outdoors with their new Overvest. Made entirely from recycled plastic, the long vest is silky smooth but also surprisingly warm and made for versatility. It can be tied as a robe, zipped to the max for winter bodega runs (admittedly how I’ve worn it the most, at least until my partner stole it for herself), or layered over almost any outfit since its rich, olive green color goes with almost anything. And for the first time ever, they’re offering shoppers 20% off sitewide … a.k.a. the opportunity you’ve been waiting for (and a mantra I can get behind). -PR


Bruce Banner

As I’m sure you can imagine, I get asked for strain recommendations a lot. Because of the deeply personal experience cannabis offers, it’s hard to give blanket endorsements for particular strains—the effects can simply be too different for two different people. That said, occasionally I like to write up endorsements of some common strains that you’re likely to come across at your local dispensary or from your local dude. The first of these is Bruce Banner. Many of you will recognize that this strain shares a name with the Hulk’s alter ego, and that’s no accident. While, yes, it can “pack a punch” due to its high THC content, I prefer to extol its cerebral virtues. The high is a really nice balance of creativity and motivation paired with anti-anxiety and body relaxation. It’s the rare strain that I can confidently recommend for getting some work done, but it’s also not one of those hyper-focused ones that are sometimes too cognitively overloading for the average person. What’s also nice about Bruce Banner is that it’s become a relatively popular offering across multiple states, so if you try and like it, you should be able to find it easily and on the regular. -DW


How To Live With Objects

I’m not sure I would describe myself as a maximalist, but I suppose in some ways, I’m pretty close. I love things! Objects, keepsakes, vintage tchotchkes, cute potato chip tins—you get it. Being able to look around my space and remember the story—where I got it, why I chose it, the person who gifted it to me—behind all the miscellaneous pieces that make up my world brings me so much joy. How To Live With Objects by Monica Khemsurov and Jill Singer, the founders of Sight Unseen, is the rare design book that approaches home decor in a non-prescriptive way, choosing instead to explore the question, “What makes an object worth having?” It’s kind of like the difference between fashion and style: you can make a house look good by picking the “right” things, but that doesn’t make it a home. -VvP


“The Beautiful, Brutal World of Bonsai” by Robert Moor

Love a good article on bonsai. -DW


The Common’s Author Postcard Auction

I’ll admit, I’m not terribly familiar with The Common, a literary magazine based out of Amherst College, but that’s probably on me. I’m obviously all for independent magazines, and from the looks of it, this is a good one. Their covers—which, despite what you’ve heard, is a great way to judge something—are well done, and their roster of writers is equally impressive. And now through November 30th, they’re holding a charitable auction featuring handwritten and personalized postcards from some of today’s most notable writers (and a few musicians, to boot). From Anne Tyler to Ann Patchett, and George Saunders to Neil Gaiman (and a Jonathan to a Jonathan), the list of participating authors is a who’s who of the literary scene. Plus Jeff Tweedy and Natalie Merchant for some reason! Anyway, this feels like the perfect holiday gift for the right person in your life. Good luck bidding! -DW


Tulip Storage

On a road-trip through Sedona a couple years ago, as I was about to step out of the RV with a spliff in hand, I looked up through the window to see the spot next to us had just been taken by a police cruiser—which led to the sudden realization I hadn’t even checked if weed was legal in Arizona. With the laws of legalization changing day by day, it can sometimes be hard to keep up with exactly where you can light up in peace. Tulip offers a discreet, chic way to store your bud at home or on the go in odor-proof storage boxes that can hold up to an ounce of flower, and a combination lock perfect for keeping away little fingers and prying eyes. It also comes in seven different sleek colorways, like this one in Gossamer green, and has enough containers and sections to accommodate every accessory imaginable. -PR