“Trash Dolls” by Aurel Schmidt

Sometimes I think my life in New York can be summed up with two words: trash and drugs. Artist Aurel Schmidt’s “Trash Dolls” series takes that idea one step further by turning found objects and detritus like cigarette butts, Band-Aids, pregnancy tests, dime baggies, vials, and BIC lighters into cartoon-esque characters that feel strangely alive, full of personality, and, honestly, kind of poignant. While an original work from the series is well out of my price range, a few copies of the zine she made of the collection are still available at The Hole for only $20. I snatched one up yesterday, and now I’m sharing the link with you. -VvP


Water Fall by Kor

I feel like I may have written a rec for a water filter before. If so, ignore whatever I said, because this, THIS, is the best one I’ve come across in all my years of filtering water (which, admittedly, is not that many). First, the footprint is super small. It’s kind of like a big hourglass but with the bottom half removed. Second, because the water moves through the coconut filter quickly and goes right into a glass carafe, it has minimal contact with plastic (that said, they should really think about making a metal version). Third, it makes water taste great (even New York’s much vaunted tap water is improved with chlorine removal). There are definitely more effective products that can filter out a wider array of bad stuff, but for the purposes of someone living in a place with safe drinking water and who likes things to have minimal footprints and move quickly, the Kor Water Fall is great. It’s also 50% off right now. -DW


Jiu Jie

Jiu Jie Decor, the original creator of the knot pillows whose DIY renditions have taken over my TikTok feed, has recently released a holiday collection featuring darling checkered tree skirts tied with ribbon, fluffy stockings, and even an adorable ornament recreation of the now-iconic knot, the seasonal assortment is exclusive to SSENSE. For those still searching for the gift, her pillows make a perfect addition to any space—I personally love the Striper Baby, Light Hearted, and Soft-core versions. Even better: we have a special Gossamer-only code for you—use the code Highandcozy at checkout for 15% percent off! -PR



My strain preferences generally lean toward active and energetic highs. (This is also why I’m partial to our Dawn tincture and Happy Hour pre-rolls). Unfortunately, I’m lazy enough without adding something super mellow to my system. Uplifting and motivating are where it’s at for me. That’s one of two reasons why I’m a big fan of Chocolope. The other is the name, which is just fun to say. I can’t promise this strain can be found at every dispensary, but if you do see it and want something that will help you clean your house—and even make it fun—then this is for you. -DW


The Blue Cocoon by Rose Los Angeles x May Lindstrom

I’d make this recommendation any time of year, but I also can’t really think of a better last minute gift idea for the skincare enthusiast—or dilettante—in your life. Facialist May Lindstrom’s cult-favorite Blue Cocoon balm is paired with 380 mg of pressed flower rosin from Sonoma Hills Farm (incidentally, the same place we source the CBG White for our Happy Hour pre-rolls) for a super luxe and very blue moisturizing concentrate. It’s definitely a splurge, but it feels like the season to treat yourself or someone else (and not just because it’s insanely dry out there.) If you have any questions about the product or how to incorporate it into your skincare routine, just DM Rose, and they’ll connect you with the team at May Lindstrom for expert and personalized advice. What’s more luxurious than that? -VvP


“Concrete Built The Modern World. Now It’s Destroying It.” by Joe Zadeh

Concrete is now the second-most consumed substance on Earth behind only water,” writes Joe Zadeh. “Thirty-three billion tons of it are used each year, making it by far the most abundant human-made material in history.” These are two facts you can use when you’ve run out of conversation over the holidays. If you’re lucky, someone will build on that with a fact about the growing sand crisis. -DW


Retail Pharmacy Holiday Mini-Mart

Luckily for procrastinators, or just those of us who didn’t fully process it was December until this week, Retail Pharmacy is holding a holiday mini-mart today and tomorrow from 12 to 8 PM. Stop by for a guaranteed one-of-a-kind lineup; I went last year and the screen-printed beanie that I ultimately didn’t buy has haunted my dreams ever since. -PR