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Every other week, we share a few places to go, things to do, food to eat, sights to see, and/or sounds to hear in and around the city. Maybe some smells to smell, too—you never know. And while we trust that you’ve got the weed part down, every now and then we’ll suggest a specific product or strain that we think pairs best with the experience.

Last but not least, if you have an idea, recommendation, or favorite smoke spot you don’t mind sharing, we’d always love to hear about it. Drop us a line or DM.


Watch Some Dogs

The 8th, lesser-known Wonder of the World is right here in Brooklyn: Prospect Park during off-leash hours. Every day from 6 AM to 9 AM (but really the back half of that), the park transforms into a dog lover’s paradise. The Long Meadow, in particular, becomes a sea of fur as hundreds of dogs of all shapes and sizes play, squabble, and roll around. It’s a beautiful scene, and when you add a little morning wake-and-bake session, it becomes almost a spiritual or divine sight. Unless you hate dogs, in which case we suggest you smoke more weed and relax a bit.


See a Pink Tree

The High Line’s newest addition, artist Pamela Rosenkranz’s “Old Tree,” was spotted being installed this week. We have yet to see the 25-foot-tall, bright pink tree in person, but can safely say that it is on our list for our next Chelsea outing.


Relax in a Rooftop Park

Speaking of Chelsea, Pier 57’s new food market, aptly named Market 57, is now open for business. While we don’t normally go all in for markets, what makes this one different is the ability to bring food up to the semi-unknown rooftop park on, well, top. Because Little Island draws most of the crowd, most of the time this gem sits relatively empty. We can’t really endorse smoking in public parks, but sure looks like a great spot to crack open a cold THC beverage.


Attend The People's Ball

Let’s face it: you’re probably never going to the Met Gala. And even if you did, it seems like a stressful place to be high. Instead, strut your stuff at The People’s Ball, an “inclusive event that eschews elitism and honors the colors, textures, and styles that comprise the city’s urban runway.” Held at the Central Library in Brooklyn, it’s a people-watching event for the people.