50% Off Stoned Fruit Delights

For anyone who missed it: our Stoned Fruit Delights are 50% off for a limited time. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to stock up—or a reason to try—now’s your chance. The peak-season medley of plums, peaches, and a whisper of thyme tastes like summer and makes you feel even better. I keep a pack on my desk at all times. -VvP


Mindfulness, Psychedelics, and the Creative Output

Just a reminder because spots are almost all taken: we’re hosting (and I’m moderating!) a panel conversation on Mindfulness, Psychedelics, and the Creative Output as part of the memorial exhibition of artist Bobby Anspach’s work this coming Thursday, October 12. Anspach, who passed away last summer, centered his practice on the creation of immersive machines designed to offer viewers the experience of interconnected consciousness and transcendence—not unlike a psychedelic trip. Following our panel discussion featuring writer Nina St. Pierre and artist Theo Martins, guests will be able to explore five of Anspach’s devices on display as part of the show. RSVP and join us! -VvP


Shida Shahabi

What am I listening to these days? How nice of you to ask. A lot of Shida Shahabi, whose sophomore album, A Living Circle, came out in June. Personally, I still prefer her 2018 debut, Homes (“Pretty in Plums” is a great entry point), and Shifts EP that features the excellent “Futō,” but all three are beautiful in their own ways. -DW


NYC Fungus Festival 2023

Next Sunday, October 15th, marks the second annual New York City Fungus Festival. Put on by the New York Mycological Society and held on Randall’s Island, this merry mushroom meetup features cultivation workshops, art making, lectures, yoga, tastings, urban farms, food vendors, a “costume corner” (not sure what that one means), games, and more. I’ll be there, most likely with a two-year-old dressed as a mushroom, so come say hi if you see me. -DW


Olsen Twins Hair Oil

After a summer in the sun and a recent trip to the ocean, my hair has been in need of deep conditioning. While traveling, I fell back on a mix of castor and argan oils (along with a little pump of K18, not gonna lie), and loved how much lighter my hair felt than when I tried heavier conditioners and curl creams. So when I began poking around for a long-term oil option, I came across this recipe made especially for Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen by their longtime hairstylist Mark Townsend. I bookmarked it forever ago and then promptly forgot to ever make it. A blend of coconut, jojoba, macadamia, almond, and vitamin E oil—plus, if you’re brunette—carrot oil (which I didn’t even know existed), it promises a beach and chlorine defense system sans chemicals, and is now on my to-do list for this weekend. -PR


Legalization Nation

For the past few years, Eisner Award–winning author, cartoonist, and journalist Brian “Box” Brown has been covering the ups and downs (well, mostly downs) of the cannabis industry through biting commentary and witty comics. Brown’s reporting on the problems plaguing state legalization efforts has helped make difficult and heady issues significantly easier to understand for even the casual observer. Now he’s publishing a collection of his Legalization Nation work in book form and has a Kickstarter going if you want to help get it done. -DW


Un rêve plus long que la nuit at NYFF

I’ve always admired the work of Niki de Saint Phalle, and finally seeing her Tableaux Éclatés (literally and figuratively “moving paintings”) a few weeks ago led to a fun spiral into her archives. (Side recommendation: if you’ll be in Paris before October 28th, stop by Galerie Vallois to see the show.) Somewhere in my dive, I realized that a new restoration of her second film, Un rêve plus long que la nuit, would be showing at the NYFF. A trippy exploration into desire through de Saint Phalle’s interpretation of a fairytale, the film follows a princess into a surreal world, and would be great to see after taking a gummy. Only standby tickets are left for this afternoon’s showing, but tickets are still available for Wednesday’s matinee so grab them while you can! -PR