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New York City PRIDE is here, and if you’re not completely hungover from last night’s LadyLand Festival “Under the ‘K’ Bridge” (or even if you are, now is the time to rally), here’s what to do this weekend. Today, the annual NYC Dyke March will leave from Bryant Park at 5 PM to Washington Square Park. Since you’ll be in the West Village, you might as well stop by Aesop to grab a book from their Queer Library (a rare exception to my general dislike of corporate pride initiatives). The Hester Street Fair will also be celebrating on Saturday, and Susanne Bartsch will be hosting BOOM! at Le Bain that night—a classic. On Sunday, the Queer Liberation March will start with a rally at 2 PM in Foley Square. There’s also the 29th annual city-organized PrideFest street fair as well the city-led march. You can check out a full lineup of other events here and more parties here. -PR


Dialed In... Gummies

On the recommendation of a friend, I picked up a couple tins of these edibles while in Denver earlier this week and they did not disappoint. Dialed In... makes solventless, rosin-infused gummies by partnering with different Colorado-based cultivators for specific strains and recipes. My friend said she was partial to their Bloom County offerings, so that’s what I went with. I only ate a half of one of their 10 mg Extremely Goofy gummies, which are made with a combination of Extreme Creme and Extra Pulp hash rosin, and the high was potent, but as smooth and clear as a bell. I also like that they list the cannabinoid breakdown and terpene content of each recipe clearly on the front of each package. -VvP


Mushroom Candelabra by Lumpy Ceramics

Let’s bring back candelabras. -VvP

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Unquiet Upstate

It’s the season of weekend trips upstate for the NYC-ers on this list. Next time you make it to the Columbia County area, skip the hustle of Hudson and head across the river to Coxsackie, where Unquiet Upstate, one of the state’s most perfectly curated collections of vintage home goods and ephemera, is waiting. If you’re willing to make a night of it, drop in to shop some time in the afternoon before making yourself at home at Ravish Liquors, the teeny speakeasy-style bar at the back. Super insider tip: tell the owner a squirrel sent you. You’ll have a new group of best friends by morning. -VvP

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Joy’s Flower Pot

While I’m biased by the convenience of living just around the corner, Joy’s Flower Pot remains one of my favorite places in the city for vibrant, unique arrangements. It had been a minute since I visited, but I stopped by last weekend to grab a bouquet for my kid cousins’ choir recital and was reminded of just how special and thoughtful their shop is. If you’re looking to brighten someone’s day (or your own), their selection of lavender and pink calla lilies, fuzzy kangaroo pods, and rainbow of twisty stemmed ranunculus—among other even more exciting varieties I’d never know the names of—are a great option. -PR

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“The Dessert I Didn’t Have” by Brenda Shaughnessy

I still think about the pancakes that were sold out by the time I got to the front of the line at a much hyped and very popular Middle Eastern cafe during a visit to Cambridge more than ten years ago, so this poem really spoke to me. -VvP