Gossamer Go Beans and a Very Productive Sunday

For the New Yorkers (and New York City-adjacent) on this list: do yourself a favor and pick up a couple packs of our THC-infused, chocolate-covered coffee beans from Gotham today. Each bean contains 5 mg of THC, 2.5 mg of CBD, and the caffeine equivalent of a cup of coffee. Think of it as an edible spin on the hippie speedball. Pop one Sunday and take advantage of Tropical Cyclone 16 to, as one friend put it, “massively declutter.” -VvP



After the renaissance of Crocs and what feels like a never-ending gorpcore moment, it might be time for KEEN to have their moment in the sun. I was forced to wear them on annual family pilgrimages to Yosemite and absolutely detested them. They perfectly encapsulated all my least favorite parts of growing up in Berkeley granola, hippie-lite culture. That said, while trying to think of a sandal alternative to the lovely offerings at TEVA, I was somewhat surprised when KEEN came to mind. Now I’ve got my eyes on their recent “frog inspired footwear” collab with Hiking Patrol, and this upcoming October drop with Japanese cult label Hyke. -PR


Bluey x Camp Immersive Experience

Bluey, Australia’s greatest cultural export since Nick Cave, is coming to Los Angeles in the form of an immersive experience. Put on in collaboration with CAMP, kids (and adults) will be able to explore a life-size recreation of the Heeler family house and get to “meet” Bluey and Bingo. (I completely understand if the previous sentence reads as absolute gibberish, especially if you don’t have kids, but trust me, this is a big deal for some people.) It sounds like Meow Wolf on whatever the opposite of steroids is, but should be fun for the whole family nevertheless. It also should be fun, perhaps even more so, for child-free adults on a mind-altering substance of their choice, but you didn’t hear that from me. -DW


Dempsey & Carroll Cocktail Frog Thank You Cards

While looking for a blank card for a birthday note the other day, I found a trove of Dempsey & Carroll x Kule thank you stationery I’d been given by a friend a few years back. These ones had “O S#!T” emblazoned in block letters across the top and reminded me both of how cool and chic it is to send thank you cards, and how much fun they can be. I’ve since decided that I need this set, which features an illustrated green frog holding aloft an appropriately-sized martini glass. I can’t wait to pair them with some similarly playful stamps and send them out to friends as a post-party missive. Invite me to your next gathering, and maybe you’ll get one, too. -VvP



If you’re in Paris, like I was just last week, and find yourself craving a break from steak frites, consider popping in to Subaco. Just down the hill from Montmartre, the tiny restaurant offers an insanely delicious Japanese small plates menu within the cozy setting of an old butcher shop. After smoking a spliff on the walk over, we ended up sampling most of the menu. While their offerings rotate with the seasons, make sure to get the okonomiyaki if they have it. It was life-changing. -PR


Jewish Space Lasers: The Rothschilds and 200 Years of Conspiracy Theories

One of the better aptonyms I’ve seen in a while, journalist Mike Rothschild has written a deep-dive into the neverending conspiracy theories that surround the famous Rothschild family (no relation). I pre-ordered this book, like, a year ago and promptly forgot about it, so I was pleasantly surprised to find it on my doorstep this week. This means I have not yet read it, but so far the reviews are quite good. Perhaps a little too good, if you know what I mean. -DW


Nuts Magazine

I’ve loved fashion—both the industry and the pieces with which we dress ourselves—for as long as I can remember. But I’ve been finding myself increasingly bored by and uninterested in the mostly indistinguishable and repetitive coverage of the same people, the same brands, and the same broken system. Nuts, however, is a publication I can get behind. Founded by Richard Turley, the editorial and design director of Interview, Nuts is a newly launched independent fashion magazine committed to financial transparency, featuring a profit-sharing structure in which all production, event, and labor costs are made visible to contributors, with the revenue split “equitably and openly.” It’s printed in black and white (a savvy cost-saving decision), and eschews big name brands and contributors for lesser-known ones: in other words, the people who actually do most of the work in the industry and the clothes most of us actually wear. The first issue is available now and will ship at the end of the month. I’m really looking forward to it. -VvP